Rachael Lewis expert leadership coach

Rachael Lewis expert leadership coach

Strong Leaders aims to provide links to evidence and proven techniques that will develop you and your leaders and leadership team.

Rachael Lewis is the Managing Consultant for Envision, experts in leadership development and assessment.

Established since 2000 we work across all sectors and at all levels of organisations, utilising our blend of business and psychology expertise to bring out the best in people at work and to overcome barriers to performance.

Rachael Lewis is a highly recommended and experienced Business Psychologist. She is an expert in MBTI & a wider range of psychometric instruments and a specialist in high performing Leaders and Leadership Teams, Coaching & Assessment. She has conducted executive and senior management assessments and in-depth profiling for both public and private sector organisations for the purposes of recruitment, development and organisational restructuring. She has supported organisations with assessment and development solutions since 1990. She is both Chartered and registered as a psychologist (Occupational) with the HCPC. In 2012 she was invited to become an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society in recognition for her contribution to the profession.

Rachael has specialist interests in the hospitality sector, NHS and Education. She has developed a wide client base of high potential women leaders, and enjoys supporting them to work through the complexities they experience in balancing their working lives.

She is also involved in the design, delivery and development of school Governors and Governing Bodies where she combines her own leadership responsibility and experience as Chair of school governing bodies with her expertise in leadership and teams.

to find out more visit our website http://www.nvsn.co.uk

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